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Get your recovery on with remedial services aimed at improving your performance, sport and injury rehabilitation, or just to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing. All our services are delivered by our exceptional and certified therapists, available at your fingertips at our centres in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Our state-of-the-art services, expertise and technology are designed for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, our team is committed to giving you the most positive and enriching physical therapy.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Our Remedial Massage gives you specific and powerful benefits that you don’t get from a traditional massage.
We listen to you and use a preliminary process to identify the source of your discomfort, providing you with a swift remedy that’ll leave you feeling better and stronger than ever.
With our targeted massage techniques we are able to hone in on problem areas, quickly remedying any discomfort, restoring muscle balance and removing pain in order to maximise your recovery in a minimum time frame.

Remedial Massage

Hot & Cold therapy

Our ice bath and hot bath program is perfect for individuals of all training stages. When immersed in cold water, your blood vessels contract. As you emerge, they expand. This provides a natural pump action which aids in blood flow, triggering a removal of toxins and long-term inhibitors to your health. Our specialist staff ensure your body is cooled to the perfect temperature, resulting in a deep natural cleansing, a removal of soreness and fatigue, &  renewal of your energy.


Haylee Flett Fitness offers a supportive and safe space for women to create high levels of self-love through exploration and trust in their own physical capabilities while under professional guidance.

Our mission is to help women build confidence and mental strength to achieve amazing things physically. We bring a safe community full of education to get them to their goals confidently and independently.


Infrared sauna

Unlike other Saunas, our infrared sauna doesn’t use water, moisture or humidity. Instead, we utilise a natural infrared heat that is absorbed directly into your muscles and skin. This enables you to maintain a higher body temperature for extended periods of time, greatly increasing your overall benefit. The Infrared sauna starts healing at a molecular level to your major & outer bodily functions, greatly improving your recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation.

Ice Bath
Remedial Massage


We are a Reformer Pilates studio dedicated to making movement fun, achievable and effective. Our 50 minute reformer classes are energetic and inclusive. With the tunes pumping, expect to flow through dynamic pilates exercises focused on building strength and flexibility throughout your entire body. Not only is reformer pilates the most effective workout to transform your body, mind and lifestyle it is also host to many other benefits.

Body Scan

The Body Scan is one of our latest health and training aids that greatly enhances the efficiency of your fitness program. We use the most advanced InBody scanner technology to give you a comprehensive and in-depth look at your body composition. This includes the percentage and mass of body fat, protein and mineral levels, skeletal muscle mass and a whole lot more. The process requires no wires or hook-ups, you simply place your hands on the device and you’re finished in minutes. Our scan provides you with unique, personalised feedback and is vital in tracking your progress toward your fitness goals.

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