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The Body Scan is one of our latest health and training aids that greatly enhances the efficiency of your fitness program. We use the most advanced InBody scanner technology to give you a comprehensive and in-depth look at your body composition. This includes the percentage and mass of body fat, protein and mineral levels, skeletal muscle mass and a whole lot more. The process requires no wires or hook-ups, you simply place your hands on the device and you’re finished in minutes. Our scan provides you with unique, personalised feedback and is vital in tracking your progress toward your fitness goals.


Our Body Scan service gives you a unique insight into your body. This is great to let you know where you stand at the start of your program and give you an accurate indication of your progress

Unique To You

Your Body Scan is unique and personalised to you as an individual. It is not based on an generalised age or weight estimate. It uses a true technical snapshot of your entire body composition


The Body Scanning process is entirely self contained to the InBody scan, so your data report is of the highest integrity. No information is entered so there is no chance of errors by entering the wrong setup information

fast & Safe

You are provided with a detailed report on your body in minutes. There is no lengthy questionnaire, setup with invasive wiring, or processing time. Your report is also available immediately. There's no 'come back next day' requirement


Your Body Scan gives you your own unique personalised health benchmark. Undertaking several Body Scans over time gives you a record of your program progress so you can determine your success, or where attention is needed


In Body Scan

10 minutes
$ 30
  • The Body Scan is one of our latest health and training aids that greatly enhances the efficiency of your fitness program.
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I’m so glad I made an appointment to see Josh. He was able to sort out a lingering stress knot at its source. I had a massage and dry needling and the results were fantastic. I appreciated the level of communication as well, as I hadn’t had dry needling before, but now highly recommend.
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The combination of dry needling and massage is fantastic josh is very knowledgeable and listens to your needs and knows exactly what parts need attention to get you feeling your best again.
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With friendly, knowledge staff and an extensive range of products, including Aussie brands, this is one of the top supplement stores in the Newcastle Area!
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Josh is a wizard! It's not just about providing 1 service in your visit, it's about doing what is needed to help you recover. Whether it be needling, cupping, remedial or all 3 in one session, it gets done! Not often you get that good of a service for that price.
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I was recommended to Josh from a mate and hands down I’ll never go to anyone else again. Comfortable environment as he is very friendly and supportive. Helped me with all questions as well - 15/10.


Here’s a few tips on how to get the best from your Body Scan session

To get your best result and to maintain consistency between Body Scans, stick to a routine of no exercise for 3-4 hours before your session, and no liquids and food for 2 hours prior

Your body scan is a unique scan of your body. It is not an average or an estimate of what your body should be like based on a demographic such as age or weight. It provides a detailed technical analysis of your body composition personalised & unique to you

Your Body Scan provides a benchmark, a point-in-time snapshot of your body, from which your personal development can be measured. So as you work through your program subsequent Body Scans will allow you to compare your progress and performance. Your Body Scan will help identify areas of success & areas that need more attention, specific to your body. This is very different than a vague demographic estimate that can be inaccurate

Your normal gym gear or any comfortable attire is suitable to wear for your Body Scan. All metallic objects such as watches, jewellery, or belt buckles must be removed prior to your scan

There are no attachments made to your body in any way. You simply place your hands on the InBody Scanner handles and in minutes your Body Scan is safely complete

No personal information is required. The process uses it’s own internal analytics without outside input or interference. In this way there are no inaccuracies or room for input error. Your Body Scan is based solely and entirely on your body composition and so is of the highest integrity

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